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My Taïwanese Brothers

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Shooting in Summer 2023. Film in Chinese and English by Maria Nicollier with Pierre-Antoine Dubey.

三十五歲的達米安( Damien )住在瑞士的一個小鎮上。一直深信他父親在他出生前就離世的達米安,因為收到從臺灣公證人辦公室寄來的傳票,要他親自到場繼承他父親大衛‧布魯斯( David Bruce)的遺產而詫異不已。達米安消化完這個新聞後,出發到臺北想多了解他父親一些。他在公證人辦公室裡,第一次和他同父異母的哥哥史帝芬( Steven)相遇,並得知他還有另一位同父異母的弟弟,但他和大衛的太太都不克出席。因為他倆缺席,大衛的財產便無法分配給他的繼承人。史帝芬和達米安於是穿過這座島嶼,尋找另外兩位下落不明的繼承人;踏上一段關於認同和重建的旅程。

Damien, aged 35 years old, lives in a small Swiss village. Believing his father to have died before he was born, Damien is stunned to receive a summons from a Taiwanese notary's office requiring his presence to claim the inheritance of his father, David Bruce. Damien flies to Taipei to find out who is this man who would be his father. At the notary’s office, Damien is surprised to meet an half-brother (European/Taiwanese), Steven, who is only interested in getting money from the heritance. But because two heirs are missing, the inheritance cannot be distributed. Steven and Damien go in search of them across the island; a quest for identity and restoration.